“To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, then all is spectacle.”

Timothy D. Snyder

Safeguarding Public Debate

We support nonprofit initiatives and organizations that protect and encourage public debate by promoting access to quality independent information and contributing to the health and safety of the digital public space, in which public debate increasingly takes place.

Public Interest Journalism

As a source of information, a voice for civil society, a forum for discussion, a catalyst for critical and diverse thinking, and a check on abuse of power and corruption, independent public interest journalism plays a crucial role in protecting and promoting public debate and democracy.

Healthy Digital Public Space

Digital technologies have radically changed the public space, offering increased opportunities for information access, communication, and civic participation. However, existing digital platforms and emerging technologies also pose significant dangers to public debate.

Exceptional Engagement

Through our exceptional engagement program, we aim at celebrating courageous and dedicated individuals who contribute significantly but often with discretion to public good.

Our grantees

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