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Rubric Share: Have you created a rubric you would like to share with fellow educators, or are you looking for a particular type of rubric?

If so, you've come to the right place! Our share page allows you to browse and download rubrics created by other iSocrates community members and to upload your own. All for free!

Rubrics are arranged in folders according to assignment and course type inside the "rubrics" folder. To download a rubric, just double-click it.

To upload a rubric:

  1. Create a user account by clicking on the link on the right and selecting a userid and providing an email address
  2. Select a folder into which to upload your rubric (use the miscellaneous folder if necessary)
  3. Click on "file upload" above, and use the browse button to locate the rubric you wish to share
  4. Click "upload"

To open a rubric, you need to have iSocrates installed on your computer. If you don't already have iSocrates, you can download a free demo here.

To search all rubrics:
Right click (or CTRL click on a Mac) the "rubrics" folder to bring up the search button.

Assessment Resources

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Assessing service-learning projects: NCA's Assessment Bibliography
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