Create custom pull-down menus for your rubrics

rubric_pulldown   iSocrates allows you to create custom rubrics for virtually any project. In this case we've created an oral presentation rubric which evaluates the presenter's delivery, introduction, body and conclusion (the rubric categories). Each category contains one or more citeria (i.e. the category 'body' contains the criteria organization, main points, etc.).

Once you've set up categories and criteria, this is what the ready to use rubric would look like.

Note that each criterion contains two fully customizable pull-down menus: one for the rating scale, and one for the feedback comments.

iSocrates gives you the option of entering frequently used feedback comments during the rubric set-up process, or while evaluating student performance (using the built-in learning feature).

Feedback comments entered during the set-up process will be listed in the pull-down menu as shown in this screenshot.

This is a screenshot of a fully filled out rubric. electronic rubric

This is a sample printout of a filled out rubric.

To allow for maximum flexibility, the printout fields are customizable.