Adding feedback comments automatically


While setting up your rubric, iSocrates allows you to create custom pull-down menus of your most frequently used feedback comments.

Although this is a handy feature, on occassion you will probably run into situations where none of the pre-entered feedback comments apply. In that case, you can simply type a new comment into the first line of the pull-down menu (in our screenshot example, we wanted to let the student know that her eye-contact had improved considerably).


The learning feature (accessible from the action menu) allows you to add this new comment to the pull-down menu for future use.

The learning feature offers two options: "turn learning on", and "learn one".

Clicking "learn one" immediately after entering a new comment will add only that comment and no other comments to the pull-down menu.

"Turn learning on" will automatically add any new feedback comment to the pull-down menu.



This is particularly useful when creating a rubric for a brand-new assignment. In that case it might be difficult to know ahead of time what types of feedback you will be giving. Instead of pre-entering comments, you can simply set up the rubric categories and criteria and leave the pull-down menu blank.

As you start evaluating students select the "turn learning on" feature and let iSocrates automatically fill your pull-down menu. After having filled out a few rubrics, you should be able to start re-using some of your comments by selecting them from the newly created pull-down menu.